Dreamt Things – bookscover2cover

Another story of mine has been posted at bookscover2cover. This one is called Dreamt Things and can be read by clicking on the link. This story was inspired by two separate scenes:

1) The famous “am I a man dreaming I’m a butterfly” story by Zhuang Zhu

2) This haiku by Issa, which I first read here, at Old Pond Comics

To finish, here’s Superbad by James Brown, featuring Bootsy Collins. The song isn’t linked to the story, as such, but my cat is called Bootsy and she went missing on Friday – today I got her back from the RSPCA, after she had been discovered wandering lost in the neighbouring estate, which is a great distance away when you’re a small cat who’s practically blind. So, after three days of feeling awful it’s good to finish with some celebratory funk – as well as a big thank you to both my sister-in-law for being instrumental in tracking Bootsy down and the person in Shenley Church End who took a dazed and confused stray cat to the vet –