She Spills the Water

she spills the water

planting sunflower seeds

blind since birth


This poem was inspired by catching a few minutes of Gardener’s Week on which someone was growing her garden based on the touch and smell of the plants. And, to finish, here’s Eels because goddam right, it’s a beautiful day –

Old Cedar


old cedar

gnarled from the weather’s grip

saying our goodbyes


This poem was inspired by the photo of a Colorado cedar, which was taken by Paloma during her travels on the road.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a working link to any of Paloma’s blogs to share here (!?).

And, to finish, here’s Ian Dury and the Blockheads –

March Wind


a wagtail I spook

veers from one buffet to the next

March wind


the clack of bare branches

lost in the swish of leaves soon

March wind


These poems were inspired by a blustery day.  And, to finish, because March gales are clearly the exact same shape as a devil’s haircut, here’s Beck –