Apply Within


The pallid, smooth, clean-living contours of this new life of hers were perfect camouflage.  No one suspected.  The gullible and meek, the greedy and lame; they passed by each day, unknowing.

True, the blandness was upsetting; it hardly suited her needs.  But she had mastered biding her time.  While that old, demented energy still seethed in the dungeony depths of her being, yanking at the respectable chains…

Three little office workers had sat and sipped coffee.  Now three office vacancies opened up.

Hidden deep inside a nearby pillar, the satisfied gargoyle licked blood from her chiselled teeth.  “Another feast, another little stimulus to the local jobs market,” she belched.


This piece of flash fiction was written for Friday Fictioneers: a story in 100 words prompted by a picture that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts every Wednesday.  Here’s the link to the stories and this week’s picture is at the top of this post, copyright Melanie Greenwood.