8 thoughts on “Above a Blind Cat

  1. I really enjoyed the butterfly fluttering by on that spring day. The pictures seem so much brighter as it’s chucking it down with rain where I am as I read.

    • But… we have had some early splashes of summer in amongst the spring showers. The sunshine even showed up on the bank holiday, which is almost unheard of! 🙂

      • So true. Let’s hope for similar things for the late May BH. I fear the early one’s weather was an aberration. 🙂

    • Oh she’s not very good at sensing her surroundings, let alone a butterfly. It hasn’t knocked her confidence, though – she marches off boldly into the furniture or takes a leap at the bed and misses it entirely… :S

      • Dax does that too because he’s as graceful as a warthog. 😉

        Give her scritches for me 🙂

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