A Mermaid


fast as silver

moonlight dropped in the abyss

a mermaid


from the purity

of the abyss a mermaid

looks at silver hooks


This poem was written in response to March 26, 2018: Mermaid, another great prompt at Seeds and Sand. The prompt and poems can be read here. And, to finish, here’s Fleetwood Mac –

5 thoughts on “A Mermaid

  1. Those silver hooks make me shiver a bit … I like the idea of “the purity of the abyss”. That could be a great sci-fi novel! 🙂

    And the image of the moonlight/silver dropped into water? Over here we would say that’s “brilliant” but apparently “brilliant” (UK) is sort of like saying “cool” (USA). So instead I’ll say “Wow!”

    • Is that what “brilliant” means over here? I just spent a couple of days with my 13 year old niece and understood about half of what she says without translation – the other half seems to come from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, which we watched together 🙂

      Yes, caught between hooks and the purity of the abyss – it’s always the way! Thanks, Jen.

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