A Joan of Arc Haircut


a Joan of Arc haircut

the photo your father loved

the later nudes


This poem was written in response to March 19, 2018: ‘Round Midnight’, another great prompt at Seeds and Sand. The prompt and poems can be read here. Jen asked us to pick a song that reminds us of someone and so, to finish, here’s The Kills because I have to keep finding new covers of this song –

5 thoughts on “A Joan of Arc Haircut

  1. Hadn’t heard of The Kills before….

    And this is another haiku that sends my mind in so many directions. Whatever the direction, she’s vivid. A difficult thing to write about, perhaps, but you did it very well. 🙂

    • (It seems when I initially replied I made that schoolboy error of not actually hitting the ‘reply’ button – so… Take 2!)

      Yes, it was quite tricky to write a haiku (in the now) about reminiscing, I thought. A fiendish prompt! 😛

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