On a Green Stalk


on a green stalk

gusts sway the dragonfly

gold, gone


This poem was written in response to ‘Carpe Diem#1016 picturing the haiku’, a post created by Chèvrefeuille as a tribute to Jane Reichhold, who died recently. Jane not only wrote beautiful poems of her own, but also produced wonderful translations of all of Basho’s haiku, and was a tremendous source of knowledge and encouragement to everyone who enjoys trying to make haiku of their own. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here.

And, to finish, here’s the Rolling Stones –

5 thoughts on “On a Green Stalk

    • Well, after talking to you, I realised I needed to go in search of some haiku moments – and Sunday had glorious sunshine, so I took a stroll in our little local wood, where there were lots of dragonflies I hadn’t expected to find 🙂

      I learned a lot from reading Jane’s writings that were shared at CDHK, went through all of the chapters, practising the techniques, one by one. She’s certainly someone we were lucky to have met.

      • We were indeed lucky.

        I’m so glad you found great haiku moments to draw upon!
        Thought of you this evening as I took a stroll in Caledonia … was hoping to see “my deer” again … instead, I saw “my deer” and a fawn! It felt like a sign. 🙂

        Also … bats. Zillions and zillions of bats!

    • And a fawn?? Oh wow, that must have felt like a huge honour. I’m tremendously jealous 🙂 Did you do a little celebratory dance? Ah you should’ve – we could’ve started calling you Dances with Deers, sold the rights to Hollywood, made a fortune…

      And bats have arrived too – with a vengeance, by the sound of it! Well, that must be a good sign after all their struggles over there. I’ve only seen 3 together at most, swooping over my garden of an evening. Zillions must look a bit… Transylvanian, no? [shudder] 😉

      • Dances with Deer, lol! Oh yes, I was thrilled and a bit breathless!

        But to see that many bats was very encouraging. First of all because they were thriving… second of all, because I was being eaten alive by mosquitos 🤕

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