Even This Rain


even this rain

tastes wildly of blossoms

falling in soft sheets


This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem #749 rain, another great prompt hosted by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here. And, to finish, here’s the Isley Brothers –

bookscover2cover – Other Tears

Another story of mine has been posted at bookscover2cover; called Other Tears it can be read by clicking on the link. I felt as if I owed Philip K. Dick a story and so this was it. Oddly (because he was a rather odd man), as a classical music fan he hated rock’n’roll when it arrived, the only exception being Elvis; his reason being that they had both lost their twin in early infancy. It was a trauma that stayed with Dick and probably influenced the unease his characters feel about the reality, or not, of their own identity. 

To finish, here are Tubeway Army – I remember Vic Reeves being asked in a magazine article once, ‘Are friends electric?’, to which he replied ‘They are if you’re an eel.’