bookscover2cover – Kingdom of the Bronze Spider

Another story of mine has been posted at bookscover2cover; called Kingdom of the Bronze Spiderit can be read by clicking on the link. The overall set-up here was a nod to the opening of ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ by Ursula Le Guin, I remember. Oddly, perhaps, since I borrowed its atmosphere, I didn’t actually like the start of that book although I went on to enjoy the story a lot. 

To finish, here’s Ike & Tina Turner –

bookscover2cover – Two short stories

Another Two short stories of mine have been posted at bookscover2cover, called ‘Resume circa 800 B.C.’ and ‘Hype’ The first story was written out of sympathy for the devil, the second story written out of sympathy for Jesus. They both got pretty raw deals, I think, always taking the blame for all this nonsense.

To finish, here’s Skip James –