Then a Crocodile


then a crocodile

small and waving violets by the church

of children


This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem Special #143, Kala Ramesh’s “wild violets”, another great prompt hosted by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here. And, to finish, here’s T Rex –

16 thoughts on “Then a Crocodile

  1. Another haiku that stops me dead in my tracks! Predators come in all shapes and sizes – not all of them obvious, either, right? Good one 🙂

    • Thanks, Jen. Very true, and I wanted to play on that. Though this references another haiku I liked at CDHK months ago (about driving a car up a hill?), in which the 1st line was followed by a long 2nd line that broke the sense, before a small 3rd line referred back to the 1st line – so I actually saw a ‘crocodile’ of small children in the churchyard 🙂

      • Was wondering about that! The phrase “a crocodile of children” (or people, or whatever) isn’t common in the US. In fact, it’s new to me and has a sort of sinister overtone in a weird way. Does it have the same feel ‘across the Pond’?

        I really like the way you’ve structured this — it’s very clever!

        And — btw – was listening to T.Rex for quite a while last night. 😀

      • Really? Oh that’s cool. I tend to think that T Rex don’t really translate across the pond that well – very quirky, camp, English. And great, of course 🙂

        It’s normally children in a crocodile, since they walk along in big groups holding hands. Adults less so lol. And it’s a fairly common idea over here. I normally think it has a fantasy aspect rather than sinister, but of course it can be interpreted like that. To me, it seems like a piece of folk poetry embedded in the language – a ‘crocodile of children’, what an image! It’s like ‘raining cats and dogs’ – I mean, who dreamed that up? Beautiful 🙂

      • Oh, it is a great phrase! And so many of our idioms are quirky little poems when you look at them with fresh eyes…

        You may be right about T Rex. Other than one song, I’ve heard nothing from them before. And hey – the eye-shadow was *fabulous*! Seriously – wish I could get away with that look 😉

      • Absolutely! I’m sure the world would be a better place if everyone wore glittery green eye-shadow 😉

        One T Rex song?! Phew that’s pretty deprived :O

      • Oh dear, oh dear [commiserating shake of head]. And to make matters worse, the song is actually called ‘Get it On’ but the name was changed for the US market because there was already a song in the US chart with that name. Ah well, hopefully you got to listen to some more classic T Rex the other night 🙂

      • Found some great T Rex mixes on YouTube. Then decided it would be great for the mp3 player .. And .. Um.. Yes.. Bought a CD … :O

        It’s just fun ; what can I say 😉

      • Ah no explanations necessary! I’ve picked up numerous CDs after browsing for a song to post or visiting another site – like BIOLI, for instance 😉

      • Yay! I’m not the only one then! Woo hoo!

        Hey, it’s fun to share your tunes, you know?
        And I ended up buying some Rollins Band at the same time as the T Rex. (Couldn’t resist!) 😉

      • Changing topic abruptly, I just saw the CDHK prompt about “Blessed are the poor in spirit, etc”, and my first thought, literally, was ok Jen, no bringing in the cheese-makers 🙂

      • The ‘cheesemakers’ isn’t meant to be taken literally, anyway – it refers to all manufacturers of dairy products. So yes, serious! [stern face] 😛

      • Found some great T Rex mixes on YouTube. Then decided it would be great for the mp3 player .. And .. Um.. Yes.. Bought a CD … :O
        It’s just fun ; what can I say 😉

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