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Another story of mine has been posted at bookscover2cover; called Ex Luminary, it can be read by clicking on the link. This particular story was written for a Wordle prompt that featured the word “sciamachy” among the list we were asked to include. Never having heard the word in my life, I looked it up and it means – “a fight with an imaginary enemy.” A neat word, in fact. So, I was thinking of shadow boxing, which made me think about fame, for some reason; then at the back of my mind there was an unsettling story by Franz Kafka called “The Hunger Artist.” And that was that.

Meanwhile, to finish, here’s The Clash –

7 thoughts on “Ex Luminary – bookscover2cover

    • Thanks, Jen. I haven’t read Kafka’s story for ages but the atmosphere of it still lingers – a forgotten, run-down, psychological circus sideshow; which was just what I wanted!

      – At the moment I’m listening to Tom Waits on my latest post, but after that it’s straight off to the Clash 🙂

      • Oooh…. you picked a great Waits album! And there’s Waits at bioli in the future. Not cdhk though. For the record, you should never fall asleep while listening to him. Because waking up to that growl in one’s ear is a bit unnerving. o.O

        Anyway. 🙂

        Yes — that atmosphere is loud and clear and brilliant here. You hit your target admirably!!!

      • I picked a Tom Waits song that (ever so briefly) mentions a wren 🙂 But no, not a “bedside” type of voice at all – frankly, waking up suddenly to that growl could scare the bejeezus outta ya!

      • Well, even if it was brief, there’s the rose/blossom connection. And it contributed to the overall ‘feel’ nicely.

        And waking to TW *was* terrifying – and confusing! o.O

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