dew quivers

as the skylark’s singing goes

lonelier then


last dewdrops

and first tears evaporate

a skylark’s singing


lonelier songs

emerge from nights in the dew

skylark by skylark



These poems were written in response to Carpe Diem Time Machine #6: Skylark, another great prompt hosted by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here. And, to finish, here’s the Jeff Beck Group –

13 thoughts on “Skylarks

  1. I’ve read this series over and over — the play of skylarks vs. dew is wonderful. That sense of the skylark easing the pain – momentarily – living from skylark to skylark. Sometimes haiku series sort of disintegrate — but this one builds.

    And I’m adding that song to my playlist — wow. [Followed by a great cover too 😉 ]

    Definitely one of my favorite posts, Blake —

    • Why, thank you! I’m glad you like it – I’m getting back into the groove a bit, it seems.

      Your adding of the Wordsworth poem seemed to nudge me in a certain direction, which was very useful – good prompting, Jen 🙂

      The song’s pretty extraordinary, hey? I didnt know it till a few weeks ago, but i had a Led Zep phase that led me to check out this band on YouTube and this song convinced me straight away.

      • Very glad the Wordsworth was helpful… seemed like skylark would be an exceptionally tough prompt without something extra to work with.

        And yes — the band is GREAT – definitely one to check out!!! I’d never heard of them.

      • You’re right – ‘skylark’ by itself as a prompt would have produced a pretty blank expression over here, I must admit. ‘Birds’ are also on my ‘need to learn more’ list..

        But you know Rod Stewart, I expect? This band was his big break.

      • Just checked Jeff Beck on YouTube — wow — so many connections — Clapton, Stewart, Page – and he could have been a part of the Rolling Stones!!

        Moving from YardBirds to other birds … you should have seen the grackles tonight — it looked like a scene out of Hitchcock. A hawk approached their roost – thought better of it – and wheeled away!!!

      • I’ve seen our ravens and magpies take to the sky en masse when a hawk insists on straying too close to the nests – it’s quite an impressive sight, and relentlessly noisy. I didn’t think grackles were that big? They must be pretty tough – gotta be, with a name like “grackle”, I suppose; they sound like mobsters!

      • Actually, they sound like rusty gates opening and closing, for the most part! 😛 But they do whistle on occasion and that’s sweet and pretty. They *are* pretty tough – and FEARLESS! And get about a hundred of them together? Wow. What a racket!

        They’re not all that big – sort of starling-sized – and they’re a lovely iridescent purple-black.

        It’s a wonderful sight / sound – hearing that many birds take wing all at once. I’ve love to see a flock of ravens take flight!

      • Yes, I looked at the photos you included a link for, and the grackles are far more fancily dressed than our poor ragamuffin starlings. They must look quite lovely, all glinting together..

      • It’s only when the light hits them properly that they’re pretty. In the sky, they’re just a dark black. When they walk on the ground they’re almost “cocky” — strutting around like they own the place — and they don’t really bully the other birds — they’re just so assertive that the other birds “mosey on down the road”, you know. 😛

        Did you see that Mini Rock Iris made her debut yesterday?

      • Blackbirds are rather like that – at least the males like to strut about the place. I always assumed it was because they think they look so darn cool, all dressed in black all day. But grackles are the same..? Then again, I did think they looked pretty cool too 🙂

        No, I haven’t seen Mini Rock Iris yet – I skim quite quickly down the BIOLI homepage since I have so far to travel to get to my “bookmark”. But I’ll stop off to see her debut when I pop over shortly.

      • No worries — I understand! 🙂

        And – oh yes — grackles are *quite* cool! They’ve got the birdland equivalent of a nice swagger. I suspect they’d wear sunglasses too, given the opportunity!

        And they’d totally *rock* that look 😉

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