emotions blink by

teeming across the asphalt

a shock of hail


This poem was written in response to Heeding Haiku With HA: Emotions, a great prompt hosted by HA at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here. And, to finish, here’s Smokey Robinson –

26 thoughts on “Emotions

    • Hopefully the hail’s one and only appearance! But as I looked at it from my window I knew it must be haiku-able. I only had one and a half lines, really, but then I saw Hamish’s prompt and “emotions” fits quite well 😉

      Since I can’t haiga I’ll be free to check on other prompts for a while..

      And yep, Motown is another sound that’s been absent for too long over here – it feels good to put that right 🙂

      • Very definitely! Since listening to your song I’ve been on a Motown kick. Ahhh! Feels GOOD. Great memories in Motown.

        Yes … let’s hope that’s the only hail you get for a while! But hey, how often does nature hand you a haiku topic like that! Loved how you tied it into HA’s prompt.

        Hopefully you’ll still write haiku, though, even if you don’t haiga? You won’t be the only one to do so. 🙂

      • The hail did look wonderful – as long as the stones aren’t too big it has that unique way of gusting over everything in waves. Plus I was indoors at the time 🙂

        Oh sure. Besides, it’s not all haiga at CDHk – “freestyle” haiku today! That sounds kerazy! 😛

      • Freestyle! Controlled chaos! 😉
        Kigo-burning!!!! 😉

        Yes. Dangerous stuff, that hail. Once we had a hailstorm so bad it stripped all the grit from our roofing. Expensive storm! Still — it was really, really pretty. And Farfel had a blast running around in the aftermath. 😉

  1. Almost forgot — HA stands for “How Anxious” — a different blogger from Hamish. But hey, it’s easy to get everyone confused – so many names and pen names floating around. o.O

      • You should hear Georgia and I sometimes – trying to sort out the author of a prompt or a post or just compare ideas. “Wasn’t that Dot?” “You mean Elle?” “Maybe, I just saw Dot.” “You sure you don’t mean Todd?” 😉

        Forthwith. Right up there with Forsooth! 😉

      • [looking embarrassed]

        Sorry about that 😉
        Wait, that “wink” negates the sorry, doesn’t it?
        Sorry about that 😉
        There you go. 😀

    • Thanks, HA. The image was a lucky coincidence since it happened to hail yesterday and then a few hour later I read your prompt – and people change like the weather, so.. 🙂

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