dew collects

in the blue cups of tulips

onlookers’ eyes


This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem #667, Tulips, another great prompt hosted by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here. And, to finish, here’s The Cult being Gothically flowery –

11 thoughts on “Dew

    • For some reason I’ve had a hankering to add this song to a post. This and Donovan..

      I struggle a bit with flowers – though I intend to improve this year! So, I kept both tulips and poppies quite simple, just picturing them on a sunny day 🙂

      • Flowers don’t really inspire me, either. [Is that odd for a woman to say? Don’t tell the governing committee — they’ll make me turn in my badge and key card. Ahem.] So that makes this haiku particularly impressive! As they say here, “ya done good”! 😉

        Know what you mean about the songs. Still hoping to add the Doors “Riders on the Storm” and a few others ….!

      • Oh I’m paying more attention to plants, trees and flowers, lately, though I still need to set up an app to give me pointers..

        And yes, all women like flowers! Very bad not to, very bad indeed :O

        Surely you had an instrumental version of “Riders” playing in the dungeon once..?

      • Yes, there was an instrumental version …. but … well … It didn’t wasn’t quite “fulfilling”. Besides, that vision of vultures/ riders on the storm still needs to be fleshed out. Might have to go out — promptless!

        Still haven’t found any decent plant/ flower apps for Android, sadly. Very lightweight stuff. We’ll have to keep looking.

        As to the flowers … guess it isn’t so much a matter of not liking them … but bugs and critters seem more haikuable. Weird, huh?

      • That’s your Issa-y-ness, I suppose. People who aren’t quite so critter-friendly do sometimes have “eugh” moments at BIOLI, don’t they, bless ’em 😉

        And yes, you need the vultures, really. And Jim!

        Oh I wrote a flower haiku today! [patting himself on the back] About snowdrops – at least I think they were snowdrops [unpatting himself on the back] 😛

      • Hey, nature’s a bit messy at times — all full of bugs and vultures and cowpats, LOL!

        And – flower-ku? Wow! Can hardly wait! Still — have to giggle a bit at the flower confusion. Hey, let’s just call ’em snowdrops and say “he’s an ARTIST. And if he had a vision of SNOWDROPS, so be it!”

      • Well, if they weren’t “snowdrops” then those guys should sue, that’s all I’m saying – cos it’s only climatic conditions that ever look any snowier!

        Hmm I must have missed the cowpat ku… Is that by Shiki ? :S

      • No, Shiki wrote sick-ku; Basho and Issa wrote about “bodily functions”, LOL

        Here’s a bunch of haiku about harsh realities – including cats pooping in the flower beds, war time, lice, death, etc. Jane prefers the happy and noble in haiku; I’m fine with dabbling in the dark and icky. It’s real.

        And here’s poop-ku

        But. Ahem. This started with SNOWDROPS.
        [looking ashamed of myself]

      • “And here’s poop Ku” – now that’s a line you don’t hear everyday! (Hopefully.. 😛 )

        But I agree with you – haiku looks at whatever’s there, so.. Particularly liked the bird whistling the Lotus Sutra, mid-

        Thanks for sharing 😉

      • “How about ‘phrases I didn’t think I’d hear today’ for $500, Alex Trebec?”. :S

        Yeah. Sorry about that!! Glad it was an interesting read anyway 😉

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