Featured Writer – bookscover2cover

As of this week, I am a featured writer at bookscover2cover, about which here is some blurb –

“bookscover2cover is a place where you can find recommendations for a high-quality reading experience. Where you can read thoughtful, considerate, and smart writing. Where you can try your hand at writing reviews, whether it is a Share Your Read or a Longform review. On bookscover2cover you can join an online book club or start your own group and invite others to join you.”

Being a featured writer means that some of my stories will be posted regularly on the site, with the first two already appearing, to wit (man, you just don’t get enough chances to use the phrase “to wit” in the modern world!) –

Don Quixote’s School of Regret


Trust and Other Balancing Acts

Finally, to celebrate the news, here are the Beatles talking about a writer –

5 thoughts on “Featured Writer – bookscover2cover

    • Thanks, Jen. I’ve suggested that they add a reblog option, which would make the process simple. But you’ll have read most of these stories, anyway – it’s provided a nice way to give my existing store of blog stories a second run out 😉

      Until I write some more…

      • It would indeed be a good idea to have a reblog option!!! But … then …. WP probably won’t cooperate with that. :S

        Will look forward to the newest stories! 😉

    • I looked at various clips of Paperback Writer on YouTube – there were a number of live performances in which you could hear a vast ocean of screaming while the small, very small sounding song drowned somewhere in the middle of it… Very odd! 🙂

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