Trembling Stars


trembling stars 

cling on a soft black journey –

the cat and the dew


This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem Special #127, Sogi’s third “dewy evening”, another great prompt hosted by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here. And, to finish, here’s some rock’n’roll from Gene Vincent –

9 thoughts on “Trembling Stars

  1. Yay! My buddy Vincent — gotta love that rockabilly! 🙂
    Wonderful image here — and you make it look so simple too — but of course, you and I both know better 😉 Great stuff!

    • Absolutely! I need a sprinkling of more ’50s rock’n’roll, I think 😉

      Glad it reads naturally – I wanted it to have that feeling of quick simplicity about it. But you’re right, of course – I made changes to the first 2 lines after I posted.. 😛

      • Don’t you hate that? On paper (or in the first draft) the haiku looks awesome — then you post — then you think, “um … wait … what was I thinking?”

        As for the music — keep it coming 😉

        I’ve been on a 50s rock / rockabilly withdrawal — haven’t gotten around to finishing the story of Coop/Bluebottle Bob.

      • I’ve checked at FF a few times to see if there’s a new episode, but no – isn’t the photo helping? Or still figuring out how to lead to the sign-off?

        And yes, it’s annoying… Although Basho and Issa revised years later, so… 🙂

      • I’ve been totally blank when it comes to Coop/Bob….. Not sure why. The Route 66 photo would be awesome with Edie the Yellow Edsel of Death… But… Well….

        Perhaps I’ll use the photo to finish and tell Rochelle the story’s online… But can’t link at this point. I think it’ll be a while before i do another series. Getting a bit stressful. o.O

      • Oh it’s not supposed to be stressful! The chapters were fun to read and the author should certainly have fun – otherwise definitely have a break from any series.

      • Thanks — I’m glad you understand. Maybe the NEXT photo will be the perfect one. Till then….

        And of course i had to expedite the burnout process by juggling two stories on two blogs….

        No more series for a while!

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