12 thoughts on “See Tiny Battles

    • Well, I wasn’t aiming for “anti-Christmas-card” (honest!), though now that you mention it… 🙂

      The prompt led me to the idea that, while we complain about winter weather, for the wildlife it is essentially a war and they’re hanging on to reach the other side. Where I live it’s been so mild so far that all the critters seem to be doing very nicely – I came across a squirrel today as he was foraging and nibbling away and he looked mighty plump, I must say – started the mince pies early, that guy 😉

      • It really IS life and death. Georgia and Chris and I were chatting about that with my most recent spider haiku — felt bad for accidentally turning him/her into the cold.

        Here’s hoping the squirrels in your hometown have plenty of mince pies! 😉

    • Nearly forgot to mention my latest favourite Issa haiku –
      “These sea slugs,
      they just don’t seem
      – I thought it was hilarious when I initially read it and then, looking at the notes, I found that it was Issa’s response to a call for more patriotic poems 😀

      • True, arachnids are the most un-American of critters. All those nets and stingers – no interest whatsoever in truth, justice and the American way! :0

      • … um … can you please tell me all about this mythical “truth, justice, and American way”? Because I believe that’s gotten a bit muddy these days ….

        Nets and Stingers may actually be very American after all …. [ahem] ….

      • Well, I think I know that line because Superman used to fight for it, although I did read recently that he was looking to back away from “the American way” – a US politician was quoted in the article, saying “if Superman doesn’t represent the American way then he represents nothing!” He was very serious about it [shake of head]

      • LOL!

        Oh wait … actually … can I take that laugh back? ‘Cause I can see and hear this happening — with the accompanying conservative pundits spouting and complaining too.

        “Superman shows his TRUE colors — all this time he’s just another part of Hollywood with its dangerous LIBERAL BIAS!”

        Oh dear oh dear. o.O

        Your comment was brilliant — just brilliant. !

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