never trying

hard to fit in




among flowers

are the rioters, I think



This poem was written in response to Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #38, another great prompt hosted by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. All of the poems in the link-up can be read here.

21 thoughts on “Orchids

    • Quite brash and unreasonable vegetation, for sure 😛

      My brother lent me The Big Sleep a while ago but reading haiku has left it sitting on the desk for a while. I will get to it, though – I read Farewell My Lovely earlier this year and enjoyed it, so it’ll be good to dip into the noir world again, orchids’n’all..

      • The orchids in your haiku are sort of like daredevils — but the orchids in Big Sleep are sort of like Carmen Sternwood (the bad girl) — dangerous, overpowering, and reeking of death. o.O

        And with your recommendation I’ll have to read Farewell My Lovely– after I finish Catch-22. Loving that book, btw — the way Yossarian can take a simplish situation and turn it into absolute chaos is remarkable. May have to appear in a Friday Fictioneers Cooper/Freegon post 😉

      • Yes, I loved Catch-22 – my sympathy was always with Major Major Major Major, and I was always impressed by the irrepressible inspiration that overcame his father when the birth was registered 😀

      • 😀

        That’s a laughing face, clearly, although in the real world my real laugh made me splutter drink over myself 😦

        I’m not sure I’ve seen Griffin G Griffin… I suppose he/she has made an appearance at BIOLI, along with BW and the gargoyles?

      • Yup — here’s Griffin G Griffin —


        BTW — I have a Christmas series online now —
        If you get a chance you may want to skim it before the holidays. It’s an older series — but Georgia was really nice and made a PDF form for me as an early Christmas /Birthday present. I’m going to make the PDF available on the 23rd. 🙂


        And, um …. sorry about that spluttered drink! 😀
        (I’d say that’s my ‘contrite’ face but it’s not — but — well, I’m sorta sorry — does that count?) 😉

      • Ah Georgia’s a gem! I think now that we’re in the final week some Christmas reading is definitely in order, thanks 🙂 Although… having a quick glance at Dear Mr Dance, I see you include an apology :O

        So when is your birthday, right next to Christmas? Was that something you hated as a kid?

        Hmm that face has a beaming grin, Jen, it’s not remotely contrite [sorrowful shake of the head, with a sigh]

      • Yeah, i don’t do contrite very well, LOL 😉

        My bday is the 20th; brother’s is the 21st. Used to get joint brother-sister-birthday-Christmas presents from one of the uncles. Ugh. Mom did the best she could, though – keeping both birthdays separate from each other and from Christmas.

      • Joint brother-sister presents?! Never heard of that before – the worst of both worlds! Phew 😛

        So it was your birthday yesterday? Well, I hope you had a lovely time and got pampered by everyone 😉

        And Stevie wants to say something, too – to you, Martin and Vicky (from a UK chat show circa ’85 apparently)

      • Aw, a birthday song! How sweet! Thank you very much 🙂

        Had a great time yesterday 🙂

        And – wow – Vicky’s outfit is *very* 1985, isn’t it?! 😉

      • The whole time I kept thinking, “cover your shoulder, chickie — cover your shoulder!!!” 😉

        But it was a great song 😀

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