13 thoughts on “The Distant Peace

    • I haven’t read any Shiki yet, but he’ll be next on my list. At the moment I’m very much in my Issa phase of reading –

      “Even with insects –
      some can sing,
      some can’t”

      • He is indeed – he seems to be chuckling half the time 😉

        The Robert Haas book you recommended has had lots of wonderful moments by all three – been a great way to start expanding my horizons.

        The link for the Daily Issa seems to be defunct, unfortunately.

      • Yes, I have followed Issa on Twitter but I forget to look at anything on there – it’s just a constant deluge..

        But I’ll email them – how lovely to have a haiku arrive amidst all the spam!

      • I look forward to that daily Issa, believe me — you’re right — it’s a pleasant break from all the people trying to rob us of our money. Rrrrr!

        There’s a way to narrow the Twitter feed to just the people you’re interested in — but I forget how to do it, honestly. I’m constantly re-tweeting things but never checking twitter, honestly. o.O

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