16 thoughts on “Hearts of Brilliance

    • Tbh I’m not entirely sure what this means – it was 2am and I took the idea of the Juggler quite literally, to the extent of simply juggling phrases from the original poem. So. if you see it as dungeon worthy, be my guest 😉

      And I think maybe I should say “are” rather than “is” – perils of writing a spur of the moment post so late at night!

      • I knew about the prompts and follow that blog as well… I will give it a shot one day… By the way if you ever want to write a poem on my blog regarding one of the myths I choose, let me know (the next one will be on the Fates or Moirae). All the best, Aquileana 😀

      • Oh that’s a very sweet and generous idea! Here’s a haiku I’ve just written about the Fates –

        Even stars flinch
        As the Fates thin the threads –
        To teeter and fall

        If you like it, I’ll post it as a “response” to your post. But if it doesn’t really fit with your post then just ignore it 😉
        All the best, dear Aquileana!

      • I love it… Just wondering if I can add you in the post. I’ll link back to your blog and maybe to your Twitter account… Tell me if you agree!. Best wishes, Aquileana 😀

      • Oh sure, I’m very happy to be linked to your blog – I like your blog a lot 😀 And Twitter is fine too, so that’s all good.

        The only thing is that I’ve amended the haiku slightly (sorry, you don’t normally have to see all the tinkering that goes on behind the scenes… 😦 )

        But I think this is stronger –

        Soon bright times teeter
        As the Fates thin the threads –
        Even stars flinch

        So, if you’d like to include that version let me know when you’ll be posting about the Fates; I’ll post the poem around the same time and link to your blog 🙂

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