Little Luxuries


Little luxuries

From damp trees in autumn –

These medieval breaths


This poem was written for Heeding Haiku With HA: The Art of Breathing, in which we were invited to feel ourselves breathing and share the experience in the form of a haiku or a tanka. Meanwhile, to accompany the poem, here’s a curious video of Kate Bush wrapped in cling-film…

11 thoughts on “Little Luxuries

  1. Okay, now that video is going to give me nightmares! [shudder]
    But … as someone who’s had lung operations (thanks, cancer) I can tell you that breathing really is a luxury — medieval breaths and beyond.

    • It is a strange and unsettling video, that’s true – but I’m sure the dungeon houses characters even more unsettling than Kate Bush(!)

      Yes, mostly breathing goes unnoticed but a couple of weeks ago, as I wandered through a little wood that’s nearby, the air had that perfect autumn mix of sunlight and a hint of chilly damp – so it seemed to tingle as I breathed in, and I deliberately savoured the deep breaths I took, I might have been walking through medieval England for a little while.

      But lung operations – that’s a different ball-game entirely in terms of bringing each breath into focus. I’m glad that parts behind you, at least.

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