Apply Within


The pallid, smooth, clean-living contours of this new life of hers were perfect camouflage.  No one suspected.  The gullible and meek, the greedy and lame; they passed by each day, unknowing.

True, the blandness was upsetting; it hardly suited her needs.  But she had mastered biding her time.  While that old, demented energy still seethed in the dungeony depths of her being, yanking at the respectable chains…

Three little office workers had sat and sipped coffee.  Now three office vacancies opened up.

Hidden deep inside a nearby pillar, the satisfied gargoyle licked blood from her chiselled teeth.  “Another feast, another little stimulus to the local jobs market,” she belched.


This piece of flash fiction was written for Friday Fictioneers: a story in 100 words prompted by a picture that Rochelle Wisoff-Fields posts every Wednesday.  Here’s the link to the stories and this week’s picture is at the top of this post, copyright Melanie Greenwood.

17 thoughts on “Apply Within

    • Thanks, Alicia. Yes, I think perhaps she’s like a politician who says he’s not addicted to power and feeding his ego, but only wants to “be of service” to the nation, to the people, who couldn’t possibly manage without him.. 🙂

    • I read an article the other week in which the author contrasted the workings of the US justice system in relation to poor people and rich people – whereas in poor neighbourhoods the people are routinely rounded up for loitering in their own streets, not a single person served any jail time as a result of all the illegalities that led up to the financial crash that crippled the world economy – the author quoted officials who said that financial crimes aren’t “crime crimes.” So, fear not, the urban hunter is in rude health and making sure that tax revenue gets spent properly…

  1. That is such a neat idea! I love how your gargoyle character is developed – she’s not horrifying really, she’s just being a gargoyle. A really appealing and clever story. Loved it.

    • Thanks, Marg. Glad you like it. And I agree with you – characters are far more interesting if they’re simply left to do their own thing without being tagged as “baddies” and “goodies” all the time.

  2. Doh! Now, in defense of gargoyles everywhere, they rarely belch. Those office workers must have been drinking bad coffee — pumpkin spice coffee, perhaps! 😉 And while we’re at it, we should applaud her for not leaving a gory mess on the pavement. 😀

    Really loved the idea of a gargoyle hiding in the pillars, chafing under her guise of respectability.

    This was so much fun 😀

    • Well, in the midst of a heated discussion the other day, I rashly announced that this was a gargoyle-free zone. But, on consideration, I decided that I really ought to have a gargoyle roaming about the place somewhere. And so I made a little myth of the Girlgoyle 🙂

      Yeah, office workers are bound to repeat on you… But Jen, step away from the pumpkin spice soapbox! Halloween is over now, you’re safe, so… let… it… drop 😉

      • Oh, in the US, pumpkin spice season doesn’t end till after Thanksgiving, sadly…. o.O …. But since you’ve created such an awesome Girlgoyle myth I’ll let it drop. Just for you. 😉

        And such a beautifully civic-minded gargoyle she is, too.

        Really, it’s not often that a piece of writing makes me giggle with (maniacal) glee … But this one did!

      • Strange… more and more, I tend to picture you as you stroll around Peeay (with armfuls of leaves) giggling with (maniacal) glee 😛

      • Rats… And I thought I was doing so well at pretending to be normal….!

        Granted, normal’s boring…. But….

        Oh well 😉

      • Muah ha ha ha!
        You’re ri…..
        Hee hee hee!
        Sorry. Thought I was done giggling but I wasn’t.
        You’re right… Much better!
        (Hee hee hee!) 😀

    • Hmm you make me realise that I can’t remember the last time I saw any gargoyles (the architectural kind) – England’s not all that keen on them, unfortunately 😦

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