A Cauldron


A cauldron of sparks –

The silver lake floats

In sunlight


This poem was written for Heeding Haiku With HA: Festivities, in which we were invited to celebrate Diwali by writing about darkness being invaded by light.  And here’s the most appropriate song I could think of to match the theme.

6 thoughts on “A Cauldron

  1. Oh, now this is very good – it’s one to read several times and watch the sides reflect off one another. You could really lose yourself in this one …..

    • Really? Thanks, Jen 🙂 I’m getting interested in the different levels now, having read the interpenetration post at CDHK and then chatting with you but… not sure where the levels are, or what they look like, or what the dress code might be 😛

      Still, it makes it interesting after you’ve got the images you want to work with and sketches of the lines – to then try honing it. Curious to see how much the haiku changes at that point.

      • If you figure out a specific definition for those levels you’ll have us all amazed! (And you’ll have a few know-it-alls immediately tell you you’re wrong, LOL!) But I understand what you mean about the haiku changing after that initial sketch…

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