Ivy Ivy Ivy

Ivy will never forgive me and why should she? That girl’s a looker, a definite work of art. And yet every time we get together I can’t help but drag her down to my level. I cradle her adorable curves against my body and I try hard to perform. Sigh… It goes wrong.

Johnny introduced us a few years ago. That guy’s one hell of a matchmaker. But I wonder if he ever holds his head in his hands, mortified, when he comes across stray echoes of the damage he’s done?

Like with Ivy. That girl could’ve been a wow, had her pick from the very best; seen the bright lights and led fashions. All that potential for grace and invention that lay coiled up inside her, humming with anticipation at its eventual, inevitable, ecstatic release…

Instead, when my trembling hands clutch her close, fingers blistered and stumbling with schoolboyish eagerness, I can only eke out the worst version of Bigmouth Strikes Again in history.

Sorry, Ivy. Sorry, Johnny.





This piece of flash fiction was written in response to the Daily Prompt: The Name’s The Thing

Have you ever named an inanimate object? (Your car? Your laptop? The volleyball that kept you company while you were stranded in the ocean?) Share the story of at least one object with which you’re on a first-name basis.

6 thoughts on “Ivy Ivy Ivy

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  2. The master of the surprise ending triumphs again 🙂
    Really had no idea that you weren’t speaking of a woman until you mentioned the word “invention”. Your writing never disappoints, that’s for sure.
    Plus – great memories with The Smiths. 😀

    • Ah well you weren’t aware of the prompt on this occasion, so it was that much easier to string you along 😉 I’ve always viewed musical instruments as works of abstract art, really, even before they’re played. Meanwhile, actually playing them is, by definition, a sensual experience.

      And yes, I’ve been in a very Smiths mood for the last week or so. There’s some amazing live footage on Youtube and I’ve been indulging myself. I think the musical interludes in your posts made me want to add some clips to my own, lately 😀

      Plus I do play a pretty dismal version of Bigmouth 😦 So, this was kind of like my first confessional blog post, I suppose – in a week or so I’ll probably be blogging nothing but Misery Porn… hey, people love that stuff, right?!

      • Oh my — misery porn, huh?! Somehow I don’t see you doing that! 😉

        A shame that they’re cutting so much music education out of schools here in the US — kids won’t get the feel of playing an instrument (sensual or creative or otherwise).

        It’s always interesting to hear / see people’s musical clips – glad to have encouraged you!

        Anyway – before I ramble again – loved the post 🙂

      • In England I think music teaching has actually improved. I remember at my junior school very few people were offered music tuition; my brother was one of the few, because he was found to have perfect pitch. His reward for this was an invitation to attend violin lessons, for which the school provided a violin – with only two strings…

      • Oh my gosh — that’s funny and sad at the same moment!!!

        In the States, visual art and music are being cut from the curriculum in places. Makes me want to scream every time the politicians start to look at our schools — getting to be more and more of a lowest-common-denominator, test-based, job-training exercise as time goes by. 😦

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